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owners. pat mcdonough is the chair of the group that opposes the so- called rain tax. local business owners agreed saying the tax adds significant cost to the operating cost. >> this is a huge amount of money and is not a designated fund and is not a trust fund. this means the governor and politicians are going to have access to this money. that is like an the keys to the vault to bank robbers. >> the tax help fund projects from keeping water runoff from polluting the bay. 6:35. 77 degrees at the airport. >> we are joined by ava. >> can you hear the music? we are jamming out here at the chesapeake wine company. thursday and tomorrow is the first event. we have a band performing behind us. you have a chance to see them live. they are performing one of my favorite songs. they are just jamming out this morning. you get to see the live music and the atmosphere and all the food as well. let's listen in to the music. ♪ i love that. let's get a check of the seven- day forecast. you have to watch out for showers and storms with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. [indiscernible] i do no
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1